“Motoring in India is already becoming not only one of the most attractive pastimes of the leisured tourist, but an inestimable advantage to the work of the official and business man. . . . It is incomparably the best and most agreeable way of seeing the country. . . . It affords a really first-hand knowledge of the native and his habits. . . . It permits rapid and exhaustive sight-seeing. It affords the impression of real novelty in touring,” wrote Charles Watney and Mrs. Herbert Lloyd in their 1913 book India for the Motorist: A Guide for the Tourist and Resident.

Travels in a Phoenix 8/10 and 11.9: The story of a British military family’s time in India follows the path of a British military officer and his family on their adventures as they travel throughout India from 1909 to 1920. In doing so, this exhibit also looks at what a family 100 years ago did for fun and the effect Britain had on Indian culture.


Military family motor tour of India photograph album, 1909-1920 [full photograph album]